New Year, New Beer: A Preview of Breweries with WV Distribution Plans

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If your New Year’s resolution is to increase your Untappd check-ins, or simply to expand your beer-tasting horizons, there is hope:  more breweries will soon be distributing in West Virginia.  As several 2014 news snippets indicated, the following options should soon be available on our local store shelves:

With the craft beer boom showing no signs of stopping, we should expect to see more (including WV-based breweries) throughout the year.  And if you know of others not listed, feel free to share the good news in the comments section.

Happy New Year to all!


Have a Quaffable, Flavorful Fourth!

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America has never shied away from bold and even boisterous behavior.  Our declaration of independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776 set off a metaphorical show of red, white and blue fireworks that continues even today.  This courageousness has trickled down throughout the generations – and to all forms of enterprise – so that it fizzes up even within today’s pint of American craft beer.  But not all craft beer consists of punch-in-the-mouth bitterness or knock-you-down ABV; a new trend has emerged that meshes flavorful beer with a day’s worth of quaff-ability:  the session beer.

How do you differentiate between a session beer and, say, an industrial light beer? Both are low in ABV, but the session beer’s goal is to add a sparkle of taste to your day-drinking, whether in the form of hops or, as is the case in one of my suggestions below, pineapple (seriously).  And the goal is to do this without overwhelming your taste buds.  Many craft brewers have added a sessionable option to their seasonal or year round beer lineups, and expect to see more show up on shelves in the future.

As you scan the beer shelves or taplists on or in advance of your (Friday!) July 4th celebration, keep your beer goggles focused for the below beers, each of which has less than 5% ABV and has been sighted (by yours truly) in stores or establishments in Morgantown:

  • Flying Dog Easy IPA (4.7% abv):  Crisp, hoppy, with noticeable bitterness; possibly my favorite FD Offering. Available year-round in bottles and draft.
  • Morgantown Brewing Two Weeks Lager (4.7% abv):  Hops aren’t your thing? Love Lagers? Pick up a growler of this locally-made, clean-finishing treat at “The Brewpub.”
  • Southern Tier Farmer’s Tan IPA (4.6% abv): Citrusy, sweeter & less bitter than the FD. Far from my favorite ST offering, but still an easy drinker.  Bottles & draft.
  • Rivertowne Brewing (PA) Hala Kahiki Pineapple Beer (4.8% abv):  Yes, that’s right, pineapple beer. Don’t be afraid, though – unless you hate pineapple.  The tropical fruity flavor is not subtle, but this beer is surprisingly enjoyable and refreshing, and is available in cans and on draft.
  • Sierra Nevada Nooner IPA (4.8%): Another hoppy, crisp, drinkable delight. The catch? I’ve only found it as part of the “4-way IPA” mixed packs that SN is selling around town (Dear Sierra Nevada:  we need this in cans!).

Happy Fourth of July!  ‘Merica!  Cheers, and please be safe.